Rob doesn’t return from deer hunting until tomorrow (I’ll post a picture of that later), so I was looking for a quick, easy “dinner for two” for Connor and me tonight.  I turned to Pinterest and found this super delicious recipe… It’s actually called “Magic Chicken”, but I prefer what I’ve been calling it: Provolone Chicken.
Click HERE for the original recipe.
Here’s what I did different:
1. I cooked mine in the oven for 25 minutes on 400 degrees.
2. Changed the name, which doesn’t really affect the recipe except make it sound a little more gourmet!  
That’s it… I did everything exactly as the recipe said.  This turned out so scrumptious!  Connor asked for a second helping, too.  I had one piece left over, hopefully it will still be around when Rob gets home tomorrow so he can try it!  If not, he’ll have other opportunities, because I’m adding this simple recipe to our regular rotation!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!