We traveled to my parent’s house today for Thanksgiving… but we had to stop at Tara & Co. Jewelers to pick up my 5 year wedding anniversary gift.  This…

The middle diamond is the stone from my original engagement ring.  My old setting was starting to change colors, so we saved our change (yes…coins!) for a year and used it to purchase this new setting.  I am so excited with how it turned out!!  
Our anniversary is not until January, but this gift takes the place of my birthday, Christmas and our anniversary!  
What am I getting him, you ask? I’m replacing his wedding ring with a brand new one!  His original ring has been at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Cozumel since our honeymoon and he’s been wearing the one we purchased on the boat since then!  It is tungsten and has become very dull and dirty looking. It can’t be shined or buffed or anything to make it look pretty again, so I’m getting him a new one!
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