Today started off with a quick trip to the gym followed by a trip to Little a Rock. First stop…the RiverMarket for some coffee here…
Boulevard Bread Company. I got a caramel mocha and it was so wonderful!
Next, Mom and I headed here…
…the lobby of the Capitol Hotel. They bring in and decorate the most magnificent trees for the holidays! This 28 foot tall white fir was lifted out of the Oregon woods by helicopter and the transported to Little Rock by a semi. 
The decorations are amazing! I think they used a crane to put ornaments and lights on the top. The tree reaches the stained glass piece in the ceiling!
Mom and I went here next…
It’s the ESSE Purse Museum on South Main in Little Rock. Mom went to college with the owner and they had a good time catching up. This museum was small, but super interesting. I’ll do a full blog post with more pictures when I get back to OKC this weekend. 
We went to church tonight for the candlelight service. 
The holidays wouldn’t be the same without enjoying this tradition. 
We rounded out the evening finishing up “Mary Poppins”!
Off to bed! Merry Christmas!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!