The roads finally cleared off enough yesterday afternoon for us make a quick trip to Lowe’s to pick up some more lumber to finish construction on our chair/table/bench thing…I’m not quite sure what to call it, yet…any suggestions?
In total, we used 21 2×4 stud boards at $3.24 a piece, totaling roughly $68. We also purchased screws, wood glue and other supplies, so currently we’re at a grand total of around $116 for this project.

Up next, the really fun part… picking colors and cushions!
I’ve decided to stain it because I want something a little more rustic and neutral.  Here are some options for stains…
What do you think?  I’m leaning towards the Redwood Naturaltone myself, although the Brick Red is pretty, too.  As you know, I’m quite fond of all things red and these particular colors lean more to that hue.

Cushions have been very hard to decide on…I may have to make them, which is not something I really want to do.  I don’t like to sew.  
Here are a couple that caught my eye while perusing the internet during the huge letdown that was last night’s Super Bowl.

I’m looking for something with a very interesting pattern.  I’m a big fan of damask prints.  Again, I may have to bite the bullet and make them myself if I can’t find the perfect cushion.  

The rest of this project will have to wait a few days…we are expecting 3, yes 3, more snow storms this week!
Come on Spring!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging