“Amarillo by Morning…”
Ever since we moved here 2 and a half years ago, I’ve been bugging the Hubs about taking a Road Trip west…way west…like, into Texas west.
I’ve never been to Amarillo and I’ve been dying to see Cadillac Ranch!  We had plans last spring to go, even had a room booked at this fun hotel, but the night before we were scheduled to leave, an F5 tornado came through.  Unfortunately, our plans were squashed then.
Today… Hubs, Connor, Macy, Rossi and I loaded up the Flex and set out to see cars buried in dirt!
We left around 10 this morning and stopped at two sites along Route 66 in Groom, Texas.  First, the leaning water tower…
The tower was originally a functioning water tower until it was bought and moved by a gentleman to use as a sign for his truck stop and tourist information center. I guess it’s “leaning” to catch passersby’s attention!
Next, also in Groom, this huge cross…
It is 19 stories tall and can be seen from twenty miles away!
It is supposedly the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere.
The life-size statues the encircle the base bottom represent the Stations of the Cross.
The whole experience is so moving. If you’re ever traveling through this area, you really should stop and spend some time here.
Next up… Cadillac Ranch!
This was one of the coolest things!  There were tons of people there today.
If you come here, you mustn’t forget a can of spray paint!
I can only imagine how many layers of paint are on these cars!
We definitely left our mark…
But, I’m sure it will be covered up by this time tomorrow!
The really sad thing is all the liter! There were so many empty, discarded spray paint cans!  There’s a dumpster by the road people!!
When this road trip was originally scheduled for last year, we had planned to stay here…
The Big Texan Ranch Hotel. It’s so kitschy! Even though we aren’t staying here, we still ate at their restaurant, which is just as kitschy…
The inside is super “old west” feeling…
Our steaks were so delicious! It’s not the cheapest restaurant in town… you’re paying for the experience.
We had an incredibly fun and busy day! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!