I got up as the sun was coming up this morning to get in a long wog in preparation for next Sunday’s half marathon.  Here’s where I started…


There wasn’t a whole lot of traffic at that hour, thankfully.  I really don’t enjoy strutting my stuff with an audience.  I took a different long wog route last year during rush hour traffic and some idiot in a jacked up 4×4 honked at me and nearly caused me to have a heart attack!  People, please, don’t do that!  For someone like me with heart problems, it’s not much appreciated.


This morning’s route took me to Route 66.  Here is one of the landmarks along the “Mother Road”.  The sign up top was re-lit this past year.  It’s pretty cool!


After almost an hour and 40 minutes and nearly 6 miles, I met up with hubs for some mini-chicken biscuits… the perfect reward following a long wog!


As if I haven’t exercised enough today, when we got home we loaded up the bullies and took them to Bricktown for some more walking.  They love the sniffs and pets from the patrons down there.


They especially love it when we take them into Bass Pro Shop.  Most people don’t realize they allow you to bring your dogs in, as long as they’re on a leash.  The employees there love Macy and Rossi and always stop us to say hello!

I doubt there is much more on our agenda today, except for getting our ‘fraidy hole ready for spring and tornado season.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!

Until next time…Happy Blogging!