The “Egg Wars” have begun at our church.  What is an egg war you may ask…well, it’s where all the Sunday School/Small Group Classes get together and stuff eggs for our annual Easter Egg Hung at Easter.     20140223-163100.jpg                                                  Last year our church stuffed a total of 28,000 eggs!  Rob’s and my small group stuffed the most eggs and won the “war”.    20140223-163112.jpg                                                  The winning class gets to come up with a “Fear Factor” sort of task for their group Pastor.  I can’t remember what we had ours do last year… 20140223-163122.jpg                                                  Rob and I had a system this year getting the eggs stuffed and taped.  We ended up bringing over 200 eggs to church tonight.  It would have been 220, but we bought some cheapo eggs and some of them cracked!  Plus, we miscalculated our candy and came up some short.  The process went a whole lot faster with these…                                       20140223-163136.jpg                                                       I love these and am totally obsessed with them.  Apparently they love me back… check out that heart shaped egg I found in my bag!

Until next time…Happy Blogging!