We are on the hunt now for the perfect sectional for our living room.

Currently, our family room looks like this…Room

My parents bought us this furniture nearly 5 and half years ago as a wedding present. It’s been a great couch and chair, but the dogs have kind of destroyed them…as dogs can do.  The fabric is ripped on one of the couch’s arms and the back cushion is coming apart from the chair. It’s time to upgrade.

We feel we have enough room in the area for a sectional.  I have the perfect piece in mind, but I can’t seem to find it in a store in OKC.  Our dream sectional would be large enough for our entire family and be durable enough for the dogs.  I want a chaise on one end and a recliner on the other.  All the couches like that in the stores are (a) too expensive or (b) way too masculine/bachlorpad-ish.

We did find 3 that we like…


I love this red color and the leather is so soft!  But, there is no recliner and it’s just not big enough for 3 humans and 2 dogs.  The price is right, though.


This one is huge!  There are two recliners that lay completely flat, which I love.  The leather was nice, but I wasn’t particularly fond of the color and it has a little bit of a masculine feel.  It is also the most expensive of the 3.


I think, of the 3, this is my favorite.  The leather is so luxurious and it’s large enough without being too overwhelming… the downside… there is no recliner.  The price is good, though.

Decisions, decisions!  Which one would you choose?

Until next time…Happy Blogging!