We’ve almost decided on which sectional we’re going to purchase. Here’s a reminder of the 3 we like the best…image

I asked you guys on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and the overwhelming response was in favor of the top one! I think that might be the final choice! Here it is again…Couch4

We’ve also decided instead of selling our old furniture in the upcoming garage sale or just leaving it on the curb for the city’s bulk trash pick-up, we’re going to donate it. When we lived in Arkansas, we always donated furniture and appliances to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, so that’s what we’re going to do with these items. They’re not terrible, just a couple tears. Here’s the couch…


…you can barely see the rip in the fabric from when Rossi got his bone stuck between the arm and the cushion.image


And here’s the chair and ottoman..

image…it’s still in pretty good shape, except for thisalong the back…

imageimage…that should be easily fixed, shouldn’t it?

Fortunately, we won’t have to find a way to get the furniture to the location…Habitat for Humanity will come pick it up!

Once we have our new sectional, we’re going to start a new “Getting Crafty…” project, but we can’t decide which one.

Here are a couple options…
We’re going to sell (maybe donate) our coffee and end tables. The gigantic dog crate will continue to serve as our coffee table, but we’ll need to build an end table. Check out my instagram page for the links to the plans.

We like either this one…image

…which matches the dog crate and our farmhouse table.   I would do different legs, though… these are little too bulky for my taste.

We like this one, too…image

…which is slightly different, but it matches our other project option…image

…this console table will actually go in our bedroom along this wall (please ignore the tubs of garage sale stuff)…image

…our bench was here, but Rob put it at the foot of our bed so the dogs could use it to help them jump on the bed.  We would use the table for trinkets and quilts and things. (I still love our wedding picture!)

What do you think should be our next project? The end table (if so, which design strikes your fancy), or the console table?  Leave me a comment, I love hearing from you!

Until next time… Happy Blogging!