Last November, I was the winner in a giveaway on another blog… I was so excited!  I never win anything!  The prize was two beautiful bracelets that had small diamonds in them.  I confirmed my address with the blog folks and waited for my pretty new jewelry to arrive.  A month later, when I still hadn’t received anything, I contacted the blog folks… they apologized and said they’d look into it, but another 2 months later, I still didn’t have my prize.  Turns out, the company that provided the bracelets for the giveaway were not the most reputable and there was no jewelry.  Imagine my disappointment!  Never fear, though, the blog folks took care of me and offered my choice of two pieces from another online jewelry site.  Enter Fig Tree Jewelry and Accessories!

I received the first of my two chosen pieces today and I’m so proud of it and can’t wait to wear it!


The necklace is so dainty, the stones are brilliant and sparkly…


Here it is on a lighter background, which shows off the stones a little better…


This necklace will definitely be one of my go-to pieces.  I typically wear silver jewelry and this is perfect.  I even think it would look great layered with some of my other favorites…


Now, I can’t wait for my second piece from Fig Tree to arrive…unfortunately my bracelet is currently on back order… it must be a popular item!

To check out Fig Tree Jewelry’s website, click HERE.

Until next time…Happy Blogging!