It seems like it has taken FOREVER to get to Friday this week! Between soccer practices and worship team rehearsal for our upcoming Easter production and work, it’s been incredibly busy! I am so ready for the weekend!

Here are five things I’m favoriting on this Friday…

Favorite Fashion: I am really loving this sports mom shirt from Eccentric Designs…
Tiffany Strong is the creator of Eccentric Designs and is based out of northeast Arkansas. The shirt is $35 plus shipping and can be customized to any sport. Click HERE to head over to her Etsy shop. If you’re a Razorback fan, like me, she’s got you covered on that front as well!

Favorite Blog Post: If you haven’t heard of The Pioneer Woman, you must be living under a rock! I’ve been following her blog for years and I love to watch her cooking show on the Food Network.
She has such a way with words and this blog post from Thursday just cracks me up! Click HERE to read it and laugh! I even got to meet her shortly after moving to Oklahoma! Click HERE to ready all about that!

Favorite Instagram Pic: I’m a big fan of HGTV and especially home renovation and design shows. One of my favorite interior decorators is Genevieve Gorder. Not only is she super creative, she’s funny and down to earth and I feel like if we ever met in person, we’d be great friends! I follow her on Instagram and she posted this gorgeous shot of the New York skyline at daybreak…
How amazing is that! I was able to travel to NYC back in Junior High and would love to go back! Maybe some day!

Favorite Recipe: If you follow my blog, you know I cooked Provolone Chicken on Monday night.
It was so wonderful! Click HERE to see the full recipe.

Favorite Song: Anytime I’m in my vehicle, I’m listening to either Air1 or KLove. I’ve heard “Do Something” by Matthew West before, but when it came on this morning it really spoke to me. Here’s the video, hopefully it will speak to you as well and challenge you to “do something”!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!

“We’ll never change the world by standing still. Do something!”
–Matthew West