I’m starting something new this weekend here on “All because two people Fell in love…”. My closet and jewelry box are filled to the max with stuff I haven’t worn in years and probably never will. I would love for you to have it!
Here’s how it will work… I will post pictures of the items I am selling that weekend in a post on here on Saturday mornings. You will then need to head over to Instagram, follow me @scfcloset and comment under the picture of the item you want with your Paypal email address. Item description and price (not including shipping) will be listed. I will send an invoice to the first person who comments and let you know that it has been sent. You will have 24 hours to respond. If I receive no response, I will go to the next person in line. Once an item has officially sold, I will comment as such under the picture.

Shipping will be a standard rate of $5 per order through USPS and all orders will be shipped out the next business day. I can only ship within the United States at this time… hopefully that will change in the future.

I’m going to start small with some jewelry pieces, but hope to eventually put some clothes up for sale.  My plan is to set up a shopping cart on here; but until then, I’m going to use Instagram.  Go ahead and click HERE to follow my Closet Instagram page.  The sale will go LIVE Saturday morning!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!