Since tomorrow is Good Friday, which leads to Easter Sunday, I figured I’d throw it back to Easters passed for today’s Throwback Thursday… 1976
My first Easter 1976 (Sorry Sister)

Mom and me, I think its 1990 or 1991, not sure. How do you like those fancy outfits?

Connor’s 2nd Easter in 2002… he was so fun at this age!

My 3 year, nearly 4 year old Connor on Easter morning with his basket full of goodies! (2004)

Ready for church! 4 years old in 2005.

Here he is posing by our Easter decorations in 2006.

Connor and me posing after a Hot Mommies of Searcy Easter Egg Hunt and Bake Sale in 2008.

Connor getting ready for Easter service at church that same year. Isn’t he just the cutest??

Macy’s Easter picture from 2009… her very first (& only) professional shot. I can’t remember the name of the photographer, or I’d give him credit. He just happened to be at Petsmart the day we went in and convinced us to let him take a picture of Macy. Needless to say, she was totally freaked out!

Nearly all the cousins got together for a family Easter Egg Hunt in 2009. There’s only a couple kiddos missing from this picture. That was such a fun day!

These are ALWAYS a part of my Easter traditions, unfortunately. Fortunately, they’ll be GONE after Sunday!

I wish I had more…Mom insisted on taking a family picture every year for Easter. There are some pretty funny ones, too.  Hopefully, I’ll have a brand new one to add after this Easter!

Enjoy the holiday everyone… and, please remember the reason we celebrate this weekend!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!