Around this date last year, we finished this…
I love how this farmhouse table turned out! It took a while to get it to this final point. Click HERE, HERE and HERE to read all about it!

Connor is better today. Finally woke up without fever. He will be going to school tomorrow whether he wants to or not… I’m sure he’s enjoyed a couple days home.

My surgery consultation this morning went well. The surgeon is very nice and answered all my questions. I have to endure one more test before we schedule the big procedure. I have to go in tomorrow with marshmallows and bagels for a swallow test… yes, you read that right… marshmallows and bagels. Apparently, they are going to soak the food in barium and then I’m going to chew it and swallow while I’m video x-rayed. Should be interesting! The doctor wants to make sure my esophagus is functioning correctly. After the results come back, then we’ll set the surgery date…hopefully early next week.

Here’s another Throwback Thursday picture for kicks and grins…
It’s my 3rd cousin (by marriage) on a cruise ship back in the 30’s… how cool is that??

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!