A little update on me… I’m still alive and kicking, just a little slower than usual. I’m in day 2 of recovery and am really starting to hate milkshakes. Any suggestions for liquid diet variations would be greatly appreciated! I’m super sore, but am moving around a litte better. The Hubs stayed home with me today and I’m incredibly grateful!  It’s the getting up and down part… you don’t realize how much you use your stomach muscles until you’ve had surgery in that area!  I plan to take it easy today, catch up on my DVR’d shows and hopefully walk outside a bit to get some Vitamin D!

Thank goodness it’s Friday and you know what that mean… Favorites.

Favorite Fashion: This from Rustic Cuff…
…or maybe this…
Their creations are so incredibly cool, although a little out of my price range. Mothers Day is coming up( May llth )…wouldn’t one of these be a perfect gift for your favorite mom? Click HERE to go directly to their website. ( I was not Compensated for this mention… I just really dig their stuff! )

Favorite Blog: This one I recently found…
Amber from “under the oklahoma sky.” is currently in the middle of a year long project of self portraits. She posts one a week and the shots are wonderful! I just love for she loves wildflowers and she captures them so perfectly with her camera! Click HERE to check it out for yourself!

Favorite Instagram: This one from the_poppafox…
How beautiful! He and his wife are friends of mine from back home. Every morning he posts an amazingly beautiful photo along with scripture and an inspirational message ( Rise and SHINE peoples!”). Follow him HERE on Instagram.

Favorite Product: My new Samsung Galaxy Note3!
I’ve had an iPhone for several years and was worried about transitioning to an Android. I’d heard horror stories about people not being able to transfer Music, pictures, etc. Fortunately, I have some really smart friends and, with their help, Was able to avoid a majority of the issues, except for the not receiving texts problem. I think I’ve got that one solved… it remains to be seen. With that said… I love my Note! Its so easy to use and so fun! I just love the fact that I can take the pen thing and “write” my blog posts! Totally cool!

Favorite Recipe: This one I cooked earlier this week…
Click HERE to see how it turned out. I’m not sure what I’ll cook next week… since I can only eat/drink liquids for now, I don’t know that I’ll be doing much cooking. I think I may leave The Hubs and The Kid to feed for themselves! Just kidding!

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Happy Blogging!