I’ve been really lazy since returning from Arkansas following the holiday. We decided at the last minute to make the trip to my hometown and had to wait until after The Kid’s soccer game on Saturday (which they lost 2-1) to hit the road. It had been since Christmas since The Kid had been there and last July for The Hubs. It was very long overdue!

We arrived in town around 7:45 pm, dropped the bullies off at their favorite boarding place (Liles Animal Clinic) and headed to the farm.
I can’t believe how much taller The Kid is than my mom! She’s 5’ 1”, he’s 5’ 8.5”! He’s going to be taller than me before I know it! We had birthday cake for both The Hubs and The Kid Saturday night…
(sorry for the extremely blurry picture…I’m still trying to figure out the photo settings on my Galaxy Note III) I wrote “Happy Birthday” and The Kid decorated the edges… I think it turned out pretty nice! I even tasted a small bite…yum! Fudge Marble!

On Sunday, we went to church. It was so good to see all of our friends! The Kid even reconnected with a precious girl that he’s known since he was tiny! They’ve been texting non-stop since then, too!

We took my parents to McAlister’s for lunch and then Mom and I went to one of the more popular clothing stores in town to find The Kid something for his upcoming birthday. This store is extremely overpriced, but the selection is good. Mom doesn’t shop there unless she has a coupon. Connor has wanted a certain style of shoes for a while now, but has never been able to remember the brand name. Apparently, they’re Sanuks. I had to text him pictures since he wasn’t with us to choose the perfect pair. I sent him all these…
He finally chose these…
…but, we had to take them back because they were too small. Note to self… Sanuks run small! The Kid came back with me the second time to try them on. He ended up picking out a completely different style and has worn them every day since.

This particular store also has a great selection of Razorback clothing, so The Hubs asked me to pick him out a new shirt. I had to text him pictures, too, since he didn’t want to go shopping. The Hubs prefers minimal designed clothing, so he quickly vetoed this one…
Hog Shirt
I thought it was great! Here are the other two options I sent him…
Hog Shirts
I personally like the one on the left better, but my minimalist husband wanted the one on the right. So that’s the one I purchased!

Sunday night, The Kid wanted to watch this…
If I’m not mistaken, this is the very first movie that both my parents have sat all the way through without falling asleep and actually enjoyed it! Mom and Dad both said they liked Sven the best! After that, we headed down the road to my Aunt and Uncle’s house to watch fireflies in the field from their back patio. It was such a nice evening and it really made me miss my home.

Monday morning, we got up early, picked up the freshly bathed bullies and headed back to OKC. It was a quick, but super fun trip! I can’t wait to go back in August for my 20 year High School Reunion (WHAT?!?!?!)

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!