On this day 14 years ago, at 1:06 pm and 9 weeks early, this happened…
The Kid was born prematurely due to severe pre-eclampsia.  He weighed in at only 2 pounds, 13 1/2 ounces and was 16 inches long.  The Kid stayed in the hospital just over a month, but has never (thank God in heaven above) had any issues or developmental delays!
This kid has made me laugh non-stop for the past 14 years!
This picture above was taken in Old Washington in southwest Arkansas at the Jonquil Festival.  This is also the day he tried to eat a fire hydrant…sure wish I could find a picture of that!
One of my all-time favorites…I think I even still have those pajamas somewhere!  He wore those every night until he finally outgrew them!
Another one of my favorites… how can you resist that smile and those big blue eyes?
Or that curly hair!!  He was nearly 2 before he got his first haircut.  I just couldn’t stand cutting off those precious blond curls!
Here’s my future weather forecaster!
Here are all his school pictures from kindergarten through 7th grade.  I need to add his 8th grade one at some point.
He’s always had a flare for the dramatic!  Here he is during a children’s choir musical at church…and here’s a little snippet of video from the program!

(He’s going to be mad at me for that one!)
I took this one around his 11th birthday… look how grown up he is!
After his team won a soccer game last season… hard to believe his time in the city recreational league is over and he’ll try out for the high school team this year!

And finally…
This was taken a week ago yesterday at our hometown church.

I love this kid so much and I miss him terribly!
Kid- I hope you have the most wonderful birthday in Arkansas and I’ll see you in a few weeks!  I love you!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!