Our plans for this weekend (just in case you were wondering)… going to a pre-wedding celebration for a sweet couple from our church here in OKC that are tying the knot in a few weeks in Arkansas, working on some projects around the house, walking the bullies, doing laundry (me), mowing grass (The Hubs), going to church and just plain relaxing. It should be a fun-filled couple days!

Here are my 5 favorites from this week…

I’m about to have a good ‘ole Southern hissy fit for these…
I love everything about these laser cut peep-toe booties. I never would have even considered wearing boots, ankle boots or booties during the summer months, but these would be perfect! They’re a little out of my price range…I’m going to have to save up! Click HERE to check them out!

Favorite Blog:
I’ve featured Sundry Mumsy here on Friday Favorites before…this week, her adorable husband Heath wrote a witty blog post offering some Father’s Day gift ideas. Click below to check it out and be prepared to smile and even giggle a little!

Favorite Instagram:
I’m a Real Housewives of Anywhere fan and this picture on Instagram just cracked me up!20140605-202445-73485733.jpg
New Jersey starts in just a few weeks! It should be extremely entertaining!

Favorite Pin:
We’re still planning to build a side table for our living room, but that’s not stopping me from making a list of other “Getting Crafty…” projects for later, including this one I discovered this week on Pinterest…
Lazy Susan Shoes
It would fit perfectly in my closet and free up a ton of shelf space that is currently occupied by all my shoes. Wouldn’t the booties mentioned above look good in one of these? I think so!

Favorite Recipe:
Since The Kid is gone I haven’t cooked much this week, unless you count the instant potato flakes I’ve made two nights in a row for myself, much to The Hubs’ dismay. Don’t worry, he’s eating…just not fake potatoes. Just as soon as July 1st comes around, this will be one of the first things I make…
Looks very easy and very tasty! Stay tuned for an “On Tonight’s Plate…” for that one!

What are your 5 favorites from this week?

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Have an amazing weekend!

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