I was asked today to name my 3 favorite authors for a potential copy editing opportunity. I read a lot, so this was a very difficult question to answer. I thought about my favorite novels that I’ve read over my 38 ½ years and a few stood out in my mind…

1. “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin. I can’t remember if I’ve actually read this book all the way through. Every time I’ve sat down to read it, I think of Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet and Hottie McHotterson Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy and have to watch the movie.
The recent film adaptation is so moving and romantic. I could watch it over and over and never get tired of it. The Hubs makes fun of me when it’s playing on TV. I drop everything to watch it, even though I’ve seen it at least a million times and can quote the lines.

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Nicholas Sparks
2. Anything by Nicholas Sparks. I’m a sucker for a good, sappy romance story and his novels don’t disappoint. I’m not a very romantic person so I think I live vicariously through his characters. Most recently I read “The Longest Ride”. It was so wonderful!
3. All of John Grisham’s works. My dad is a huge fan of this Arkansas born author. My mother always knows when a new book is coming out and is on the waiting list at the local book store to purchase it. Once Daddy is finished, it gets shipped to me to read. Grisham is such a talented storyteller. I get so caught up in his words that I feel like I’m in the courtroom watching the main character presenting his case. I lose hours when I’m reading his novels.

Those were the three authors I used to answer the above question…but, after thinking more about it…this list is not very accurate. I left off two important ones. Jane Austin would still be in the number 1 spot, but C.S. Lewis should definitely hold the second position.CSLewis
It’s hard to beat “The Chronicles of Narnia” in my opinion. I loved them in 5th grade, so I bought The Kid the big book (the all-in-one option) when he was in elementary school. He started reading it, but I think he was overwhelmed by the size of the actual book and couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that it’s five books in one. I ended up reading it myself from cover to cover. Took me several weeks, but I finished it and loved it still after all these years. The movies are the best, too, aren’t they?

I’d have to put Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of the “Anne of Green Gables” series at #3. The first book was published in 1908! It’s difficult for me to imagine that it’s that old, but it still feels relevant and relatable! I’ve been trying to collect the entire collection, but I’m having difficulty.

I’m currently, not reading anything. Maybe I’ll pick up “Pride and Prejudice” and read it all the way through!

Who are your favorite authors and why?

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