My liquid diet ended today! Confession…I’ve slowly started eating solid foods over the last few days, but today’s meal was a celebration!

We have a new parent company (actually we spun-off from our old parent company to create a “new” parent company) and had a fabulous luncheon today in its honor. I couldn’t pass up delicious barbecue from Swadley’s! Check this out…imageHoly cow! I may have overeaten, but it was totally worth it!

Ladies and gentlemen…I’m back! And still zero antacids! I’d say the surgery was a success!  Goodbye GERD and that stupid hiatal hernia (hopefully) FOREVER!!  Just to remind you… this is what I had fixed…
Hiatal Hernia
Click HERE, HERE and HERE for more back-story.  I’m so glad that ordeal is over.  Now, I need to work on keeping off the 20+ pounds I’ve lost in the last 2 months!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!