Time for me to play catch-up! Here is a quick look back at the last 11 days…

Last Thursday, The Hubs’ parents traveled roughly 9 hours to come spend the 4th of July weekend with us! We also celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday with this masterpiece from our local grocery store.
Happy Birthday Pops!
I drew a cartoon version of The Hubs’ dad and they put it on a cake! It was delicious!

On Friday, following a walk in Bricktown for my mother-in-law, the bullies and myself while The Hubs and his dad were biking the River Trail, we loaded up the vehicle and drove about an hour and 20 minutes south to Davis, Oklahoma to the Bedre’ Chocolate Factory. I failed to get pictures, but you can visit their website by clicking HERE. We also visited Sulpher, Oklahoma…again, no pictures. Epic Blogger Fail.

Since it was 4th of July, we decided to head to our city park to watch the fireworks. Since neither The Hubs nor his dad are fond of large crowds, we ended up doing this…
Yep, that’s an overpass over Interstate 40. It turned out to be a great spot to watch the show!
On Saturday, we went here for bamboo…
Alligator Alley
It’s also a pet store for those who like exotic type animals…
Alligator Alley
The store is also the proud owner of millions upon millions of nasty mosquitoes, which had a feast of me!
Alligator Alley
I must be really allergic to this particular breed… I’ve never reacted to mosquito bites quite like this! Fortunately I didn’t end up in the hospital with West Nile or H1N1!  Not yet, anyway.

Later that afternoon, The Hubs and I took his mother to see the magnificent Clydesdales at Express Farms…
Express Clydesdales
Express Clydesdales
Express Clydesdales
I just love going here! See my original post HERE.

Saturday night, we decided to watch “Lone Survivor”. I’m not a big fan of war movies, especially the kind with crazy amounts of foul language. I stayed in the living room with the family while they watched it, but I tuned it out and focused on copy editing my friend’s novel. I did stop to take this picture…
Movie with the bully
Aren’t they so cute!

My in-laws left to head back home early Sunday morning…I left around 11:30 to drive The Kid back to meet his dad for the rest of the summer and The Hubs took off for a business trip to Texas. It was just me and the bullies until late Wednesday night!

This past Friday, The Hubs and I went here…
Barn Raising Party
This is our church’s Children’s’ Pastor and our Sunday School teacher’s new barn! I’d never been to a “Barn Raising” Party before, but this one was great fun! They have two horses…here’s The Hubs with Cassa…
Barn Raising Party
They also have these…
Barn Raising Party
We will have chickens at our next house! How cute are they? There were 3 little chicks running around, too. Their fluffy legs just crack me up!

Following a meal of hot dogs and delicious deserts, The Hubs and I broke out our Washers game and set it up in their yard. The Hubs and I battled it out first. I’ve never made it in the hole before, until this night!
And I did it twice! I beat The Hubs 14-12!

Saturday night we drove out to another friend’s house for a fish fry. This is the only picture I took…
I don’t really like watermelon, but this one sure smelled delicious!  The fried fish and all the fixings were AMAZING!

That wraps up the past nearly two weeks!  I’ll have a new recipe tomorrow!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!