It seems like forever since I did one of these and its time to get back in the swing of things…
It’s Friday! Did you all have a good week? I did!

Here are the things I’m in love with this week…

Favorite Fashion:
It’s no secret, I love a good monogram. I’ve wanted an initial necklace for years and I finally found this one on Etsy that was in the right price range…
Favorite Fashion
I can’t wait to see it when it comes in. I’ll do a full review then. Click HERE to get one of your own!

Favorite Blog:
One of my former co-workers from many, many years ago, back in my local news days, just launched a food and travel blog showcasing the fabulous city of Chicago…
Favorite Blog
This girl is so great! She’s already been super helpful in planning our upcoming trip to the Windy City. Kate gives all the details on the best places to eat and all the sights to see. Click HERE to visit Kate over at “To Love and Lucy”.

Favorite Instagram:
I follow the talented make-up sisters Pixiwoo on YouTube and Instagram. Yesterday, Sam posted this picture on her Instagram feed and I just thought it was almost perfect!
Favorite Instagram
Smiles do look much better than frowns, don’t they?  Click HERE to follow Pixiwoo!

Favorite Pin:
I’m in bad need of getting my hair done. Fortunately, I have an appointment scheduled for next week. I texted my hair stylist the other day to tell her I was ready for some color. And, by color, I mean this…
Favorite Pin
Spring 2013 I had a large teal piece in my hair, but this time I’m thinking a few teal highlights? Would you do it? I’ll show you the after picture next week. I’m so excited!  Click HERE to check out this pin.

Favorite Recipe:
This one I made earlier this week…
Baked Parmesan Chicken Spaghetti
Baked Parmesan Chicken Spaghetti…so delicious! Can’t wait to make it again when The Kid comes home! Click HERE for the recipe.

Well, that’s it for this week… what have been your favorite things lately?

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Have a great, fun-filled weekend everyone!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!