Instead of a “Picture of the Day…” I’m going to make this one “Our Life in Pictures…”. I have several to share. As usual, you can see these in real time on my Instagram feed by clicking HERE.

The Kid started his freshman year of high school last Thursday. He feels he’s getting too old for the “First Day of School” picture, but I got one nonetheless!
I took him to the bus stop and waited…and waited…and waited for a bus that never came. So, at 8:30 (class starts at 8:35), we high-tailed it the nearly 10 miles to the high school. It was a little nerve racking, especially since he had these with him…
Biology Project
…the result of his Pre-AP Biology Summer Assignment. Fortunately, I had taken the day off!  I can’t believe The Kid is in high school!!  Seems like I just graduated myself!

After dropping him off and running to the office (nearly 20 miles in the other direction) to take care of a Notary obligation, I picked up J (best friend/neighbor) for a morning of shopping at the local outlet mall and lunch! I absolutely loathe choosing where to eat, so J picked BJ’s Brewhouse and I had this…
It was so good! This was my first visit to this restaurant, but we’ll definitely be back!

We didn’t do much on Friday (that I can remember).
Saturday was busy and concluded with cheering on the OKC Energy…
OKC Energy

OKC Energy
It looked like it might rain, but sadly, it didn’t. These are pictures from The Hubs’s phone…I somehow left my phone on the charger. I never do that! The Energy lost to the LA Galaxy 1-0. We had a lot of fun!

Yesterday, I sang on the worship team at church and came home to this…
The Hubs finished our latest project! It’s a little bigger than I had anticipated… I can’t wait to style it! I’m thinking some baskets to go on one of the shelves and maybe some more pictures? What do you think?

Here’s a picture I took this morning of our sweet bull terrier Rossi…
Sleeping Bully
He looked so funny piled up on top of the pillows! He is so weird, but we love him!

And, finally… this is how hot our thermometer said it was on our back patio this afternoon…
It's hot
Surely it was incorrect!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!