I’ve slacked off a little bit on my Friday Favorites… that doesn’t mean I haven’t had any favorites, it just means I’ve been too lazy busy to write a post about them! I’ll try to do better. Here are my favorites from this week…

Favorite Fashion:
I’ve mentioned the girls from Shop Bella C before (HERE). They are so fun and their clothes and accessories are amazing!! This week, they launched their very own app! It’s available for both iPhone and Android and it makes shopping for things like this…
Favorite Fashion
…a little easier! Go check it out!

Favorite Blog:
I’ll admit, I haven’t been keeping up with Bloglovin’ lately. As a matter of fact, as of this writing I have nearly 750 unread posts in my feed. I do try to skim it every day and if any look extra interesting I will take the time to read it. Like this one by Princess Burlap…
Princess Burlap
Click HERE to read the rest of this post and more from Dayna.  She’s so talented!  I especially love her “Posts from Toast”!  You’ll have to visit her blog to find out what that’s about!

Favorite Instagram:
I love landscape photography…taking pictures of God’s Creation still in it’s undisturbed state excites me to no end! I think that is why I love this picture from Kelly Hall …
Kelly Hall
The natural beauty is amazing! It brings me so much inspiration and makes me want to break out my big Canon Rebel and go exploring the countryside! Check out Kelly’s Instagram feed by clicking HERE.

Favorite Pin:
The Hubs and I have finished our latest “Getting Crafty…” project. Now, we’re debating what to do next. Maybe something for our entryway? It currently looks like this…
We purchased the red table from Big Lots shortly after we moved into our house. It came pre-assembled and has always been slightly crooked. With my OCD, its crookedness has always driven me nuts! Maybe we could make something along the lines of this Pin I found on Pinterest this week…
Maybe, possibly! I’ll keep you posted!

Favorite Recipe:
This one I made earlier this week!
Southwestern Casserole
Click HERE to see more!

I’m linking up for this Friday Favorites with these girls… be sure and clink on their links to check out their fantastic blogs!
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Have a great weekend everyone!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!