This weekend is my 20 year high school reunion. Where has the time gone? It feels like just last week I was walking across the basketball court to accept my diploma (which turned out to be a letter instead stating that I owed a fine for a damaged book…which, by the way, was not damaged by me… but by my locker mate who shall remain nameless (Boone)). And wasn’t it just yesterday we were celebrating our 10 year reunion? Time flies!

In honor of this weekend’s festivities, here is one of my senior portraits…
I loved this picture…even with my frizzy hair! I didn’t embrace my naturally curly hair until a couple years later at college… in fact, I didn’t even realize my hair was so curly until I let it air dry one day. Growing up, my mother always made me blow dry it. What an awakening! Letting it air dry shaved off about 30 minutes of primp time every morning! My mother still tells me it looks like a rat slept in it!

Now, let’s go back to 2004… here is the group shot from our 10 year reunion…
1994 Reunion
I hope to see all of these people and more this weekend. We’ll also be remembering those we’ve lost in the last 20 years. Those who have passed on way too young!

When I told a friend from church last Sunday what we were doing this weekend his comment was “I have no unions I’d like to re-union.” I can’t say that about my classmates. We were and still are a pretty tight-knit group. There were roughly 175 in our graduating class and a lot of those had grown up together, whether it was as young as the “bed babies” group in the nursery at church or from kindergarten and up. Very rarely did anyone move out of our small town.

I’m really looking forward to the events of this weekend and hope to have lots of pictures to post on Monday!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!