We road tripped to St. Louis for the holiday weekend!

We left Friday after The Kid got home from school…spent the night in Springfield…had breakfast with The Hubs’s cousin and his wife at Cooking from Scratch in the Missouri town of Doolittle and then traveled the last leg to St. Louis!

The Kid was so excited to see this guy…
Jackson the Bull Terrier
That’s Jackson, my in-laws 60 pound bull terrier.  This dog is a miracle! Click HERE to find out why…

We were also excited to visit with The Hubs’s sister, her husband and 3 precious little girls!  They have grown so much!

Later that afternoon, we did this…
Razorbacks on the left, Mizzou Tigers on the right.  My Hogs lost to Auburn, the Tigers beat South Dakota.

That night we celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday with a dinner, delicious dessert and gifts!

On Sunday, after church and lunch, we went to the movies to see this…

This movie is so wonderful!  I admit it…I cried twice, yes twice!  If you haven’t seen it, yet…GO SEE IT!

We visited a little while longer Sunday night and then it was time to hit the sack since we were getting up super early to drive home.  Jackson has the right idea…
Jackson the Bull Terrier

The Hubs woke up at 4 (The Kid and me a little later) and we were on the road shortly after 6.  We realized a few miles into our trip home that satellite radio was free because of the holiday!
The Hubs loves Van Halen
Check it out!  Van Halen!  We thoroughly enjoyed listening to 90’s on 9 the entire journey!

A little bit later, our stomachs reminded us it had been several hours since we had eaten breakfast, so we stopped here…Faye's Dinner
Faye’s Dinner is located in Lebanon, Missouri.  It was okay… nothing to write home about and we probably won’t stop there again, but the atmosphere was neat…
Faye's Dinner

We arrived home to our precious bull terriers around 3:30…and that was our long holiday weekend!  How was your’s?