We had such a busy, fun-filled weekend!  It started off with a trip to our local park to take the bull terriers for a walk and feed the ducks…image
These ducks were scattered all over the little watering hole, but just as soon as The Hubs broke out the shelled corn, they all came swimming just as fast as they could!  It was so funny!  It was like they haven’t been fed in a decade!

Earlier in the week, I was asked to speak at my Bible Study group for writers. Saturday morning, I headed to church to present the talk I had prepared about how I got started blogging…unfortunately, on this day, our small group consisted of just our leader (the pastor’s precious wife) and myself!  It was still a good conversation and I feel she left with some good ideas on how to progress with her blog!

When I got home from the class, I found that The Hubs had gone out and purchased these…image
Oh my!  Long Johns are not good for someone who is trying to lose weight!! Nor are they good for someone with no will power!  I ate 2…maybe 3.  UGH!

Later in the day, The Hubs and I headed out to Lowe’s to pick up some beautiful 2 x 4s for our next project!  image
Aren’t they beautiful?  We’re doing something a little different this time…The Hubs is getting extra creative with this design…I’m excited to see how it will turn out!

Also on Saturday, after cheering on the Razorbacks to victory, I noticed how much our sweet potato vine had overtaken our front flower bed!image
I can only imagine what slimy creatures are slithering around in that mess! Note to self, 3 sweet potato vines are probably sufficient, not 5!  That poor cedar tree didn’t have a chance!

By the end of Saturday, here is how our project looked…image
This is actually the back side… can you tell what we’re making, yet? It’s going to be so neat and rustic!

Sunday, following a glorious morning at church, we headed to the Oklahoma State Fair with our friends/neighbors…image
One of the buildings we visited at the fair showcased gorgeous, brand new vehicles. I will upgrade to this one day…
imageI love my 2012 Flex, but this one is so incredible! Leather interior, navigation system and sunroof! Be still, my beating heart!

My favorite part of the fair is the petting zoo!  The Hubs took this picture of a Wallaby with some chickens…image
There was the most adorable Alpaca in the petting zoo, I was so absorbed in it’s cuteness, that I didn’t even think to take a picture.  I wanted to bring him home with me!

The Hubs worked more on our project last night.  When he called it quits for the evening, this is how it looked…
This one may take a little longer than the others since it’s a completely different design.  I’m not sure, yet, if we’re going to stain it, like all our other pieces, or paint it…we’ll see!