It seems like this week flew by! I’m so ready for the weekend… heading to a writers conference tomorrow afternoon with my new business cards. I’m hoping to get some copy-editing jobs out of the class! Also, The Hubs and I plan to finish our latest getting crafty project. Look for pictures along the way on my Instagram FEED.


Favorite Fashion:
These boots from Just Fab…
I’m nearly 5’10” tall and most of that is legs. I’ve been looking for some taller boots, not over the knee (hello Pretty Woman!), but taller than normal so that my legs wouldn’t look squatty. I’ve had a membership to Just Fab for over a year, had great success with the two pairs of shoes I’ve purchased from them, so I thought I would give them a try for these tall black boots. I ordered them on Wednesday and can’t wait to get them! (Disclaimer: Just Fab did not compensate me in any way for this mention…I just love their shoes!)

Favorite Blog:
This one from Venus Trapped in Mars…
I’m a very focused sports fan, meaning I like Razorback football and St. Louis Cardinal baseball and can carry on a pretty intelligent conversation about both. I may be making stuff up as I go, but I can sound smart while doing so! But this girl, she really knows her stuff! Click HERE to head over to Sarah’s blog!

Favorite Instagram:
This one from the Esse Purse Museum…
If you’re ever in Little Rock, Arkansas, you really need to check out this unique museum. I visited it several months ago with my mother and the exhibits were fascinating. See more from their Instagram feed by clicking HERE.

Favorite Pin:
Once we complete our “Getting Crafty…” project, I think we may tackle this easy one…
Our bullies currently have a metal stand one that is rusting and making ugly marks on our tile. I think something like this one would be good and fun to make! We’ll have to invest in a jigsaw, though. It would probably be a good idea to have one of those on hand anyway.

Favorite Recipe:
This one of my mother’s that I cooked on Wednesday…
Mom's Sloppy Joes
The Kid’s favorite sloppy joes! Such an easy and delicious recipe! Click HERE to see how you can make it for your picky teenagers!

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