What a weekend!  Was yours as busy as ours?
Here is our weekend in photos… if you’d like to see these in real time, just head over to Instagram and follow my FEED.

My business cards arrived on Friday!  I’m so proud of how they turned out…
Business CardI designed them myself and had them printed through Vista Print.  So cool!

Saturday morning after breakfast at IHOP, we took the bull terriers for a walk around our neighborhood.  I just had to stop and take a picture of these beautiful “weeds”…Black-eyed SusansI have always loved “Black-eyed Me’s”!  They are really in bloom right now and area a sure sign that fall and cooler weather are right around the corner!

Later in the morning I headed to the monthly meeting of the Oklahoma Christian Fiction Writers Club.  The guest speaker was Karen Ball, author, editor, literary agent and book publisher among many other things.  She was super informative and funny. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and look forward to doing more research on becoming a literary editor.

When I got home from the event, I saw just how far The Hubs had gotten on our latest “Getting Crafty…” project…Getting Crafty...This is our new entry way cabinet with the door down and here it is with it closed…
Getting Crafty...he metal piece that is sitting on the top will be attached to the door once we’ve finished.  We can’t decide if we should stain it or paint it red, rough it up a little, then apply a light stain to make it more rustic looking.  What do you think?

We cheered my beloved Razorbacks to victory Saturday night over Northern Illinois… GO HOGS!  They play Texas A&M this weekend.

Sunday morning, I sang with our worship team at church.  I have sung numerous times, but this morning was so different…it was such a blessing!

Yesterday afternoon I shot this video of our 4 year old bull terrier Rossi…

He is so obsessed with the water hose!  He did that for quite a while until he finally tired himself out.

Here’s how Macy spent her afternoon…
Macy vs. the BeesShe’s making sure those bees know who’s boss in the backyard!  See them on our hummingbird feeders?  They keep drinking all the hummer juice!  It’s frustrating and I’m afraid someone is going to get stung…I’m slightly allergic and will swell up somethin’ fierce!

Well, that about wraps it up!  Leave a comment and tell me if we should stain or paint the cabinet!