I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see a Friday!  This week was very long and I’m totally ready for a break!  How about you?

Here are my five favorite things from this week…

Favorite Fashion:
Earlier this week, one of my very good friends asked to borrow a pair of my cowboy boots.  I pulled them out to take over to her house and remembered how much I love my boots!  It made me want to go shopping for a new pair.  I searched online for some embroidered ones and found these by Macie Bean…
I’ve never heard of Macie Bean, but I’m in love with these beautiful boots! They’re like wearable works of art!  I found these on a website called PFI BootDaddy… I’m hoping one of the many western apparel stores in OKC will have them.  I absolutely have to try on a pair of boots before I buy them.

On a side note, I received these that I ordered from Just Fab on Wednesday (2 days before their scheduled delivery date)…
…and they’re PERFECT!  They are true knee height on me!  I love them!  Find them HERE.

Favorite Song:
This song could get stuck in my head for days and I wouldn’t be upset…

Favorite Instagram:
This is a shoe-filled favorites!  My favorite Instagram picture for this week could also be my favorite fashion…
Sarah Jessica Parker is not only an amazing actress and philanthropist, she’s an amazing designer!  Of course, she’s known for her style and it’s not surprising that her shoe line is phenomenal!  She features her designs on THIS Instagram feed. If I could afford these booties, or any of her shoes, I would have a closet full!

Favorite Pin:
Why, oh why Sunsilk Captivating Curls????  Why did you leave me?  You were PERFECT for the rat nest that is my hair! I’ve never been the same since…and neither has my hair.

Favorite Recipe:
This one I made for the first time this week…
Mozzarella Chicken Casserole
It is so good!  Not very healthy, but wonderfully delicious!  Find the recipe HERE.

I hope you all have a fantastically relaxing weekend!  Before you leave, please visit the girls below!
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