Did you have a good weekend? We did, pretty lazy as a matter of fact, which is my favorite kind of weekend!

Saturday morning, we took the bullies to Bricktown for a brisk early morning walk…it was only 50 degrees outside! I love this time of years! When we arrived at Bricktown, my mother called with the sad news that my cat had passed away.
RIP Claire-Bear
My friend had given me Claire back in 1997 when she was barely a year old. I named her “Audrey’s No Name Claire” after Audrey Hepburn’s cat in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. She had a lung problem and the vet told us she wouldn’t live a very long life… she nearly made it to 18 years! She went to live with my parents after I moved into a condo that didn’t allow pets. That was back in early 2004, so my parents have had her for more than 10 years! She was a typical moody Persian, but we loved her greatly and will miss her!

After our walk, we went here…
Chester's Pumpkin Patch
The Kid didn’t have much fun, but I enjoyed it. We also left with these, which was the main purpose for going…
Chester's Pumpkin Patch
I put them on our front porch as part of our fall decorations. I’m not much of a holiday decorator… I put out a garden flag when the seasons change, but typically nothing more than that. However, I’m considering stuffing a pair of The Hubs’ coveralls with newspapers to make a person to sit on the bench with the pumpkins. We used to do that growing up at my parents’ house.

Sunday morning, before church, The Hubs and I did this…
Marathon Cheer
The Hubs’ aunt, who is 60 years old, ran in a marathon yesterday morning and all her family members, from various parts of the country, applied these temporary tattoos, took selfies and posted them on Facebook to cheer her on! It was such a fun idea and I know she greatly appreciated all the support.

That afternoon after church, we went to the gym. I only have 173 days left until the Little Rock Half Marathon and I really need to get into the habit of training. The Hubs and I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill and about 30 more lifting weights. Afterwards, we picked this up for a nutritious, after-workout meal…
Unhealthy Dinner
Smart, right? Pizza is definitely a vise for us! We need to start eating healthier… can any of you offer up some healthy, easy recipes?

Have a great Monday!