Hey everyone! I hope you had an amazing week and an amazing weekend planned! I have some hopes for our time off, including going to a Farmers’ Market, building something with The Hubs and maybe even going to the movies… any suggestions on what to see?

Here are 5 things I found this week that I have added to my favorites list…

Favorite Fashion:
(Disclaimer: this is kind of a stretch for a fashion topic, but I thought I’d put it in this category anyway)
I’ve always thought sock buns sounded and looked stupid. There for a while EVERYONE was wearing them. From the Kardashians and other “famous” females to girls in the “real world”…I just couldn’t wrap my head around the thought of wrapping my hair around a sock. Who does that? I admit my opinion has now changed. I bought this “Bun Maker” at Walgreen’s the other day…
When I first pulled the contraption out of the box, I thought to myself, how is this supposed to work? My hair is barely long enough to put in a decent ponytail, how am I going to make it look like a bun? I’m here to tell you fellow sock bun skeptics, it’s super easy and now I’m in love!! (And apparently WAY behind the trends) Here’s me (and my double chin, plus horrible lighting…I know better than to stand in front of a window and try to take a selfie) with my “sock bun”…
My Bun
Please, please, pretty please, can we call it something else besides a “sock bun”? That’s just stupid (in my humble opinion). Conair’s “Bun Maker” is okay sounding, but it’s almost as dumb as “sock bun”.

Favorite Music:
I’m absolutely in love with this new song by Plumb…

Favorite Instagram:
If you’ve never heard of Kandee Johnson, you must click HERE right this very second! She’s an uber talented make-up artist that has more personality in her little finger than I could ever hope to have! She posted this picture on Instagram the other day…
…it gave me some great ideas, not only for Halloween later this month, but for the upcoming Pirate-themed Little Rock Marathon! AARGH!!!!! Go find her on Instagram and YouTube (HERE), her make-up tutorials are so much fun!

Favorite PIN:
Speaking of Halloween, we aren’t what I would consider a Halloween celebrating family. We do go to costume parties when invited and those are always a lot of fun, but as far as decorating for the holiday, we just don’t. We’re not into ghosts and goblins and such. I do like to be fall festive and I was looking for some easy ideas to decorate our front porch. I found some super cute looks via this Pin…
(Click HERE). I especially like the idea of painting a pumpkin white, or another lighter color and adding our initial in black! I’ve also seen pumpkins with house numbers stenciled on them… so cute!

Favorite Recipe:
This one I whipped up in no time earlier this week…
Baked Salsa Chicken
Click HERE to find out how easy and fast it is to make! Everyone in your family is sure to love it!

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