Rob's Rhetoric
(Part 1//Part 2)

When praying through adversity, your circumstances will often appear to be getting worse before they get better. God always operates on His time schedule. When trouble lingers for a season remember that God will not forget you in your time of need (Hebrews 13: 5-6).

There is no such thing as a “drive-thru break through” in Christianity. There are spiritual strongholds in your life that will require you to keep seeking God (through prayer and fasting) until you actually break through. Spiritual victories are always achieved by spending time alone on your knees in prayer.

God’s plan to flourish you begins with letting go of things that are important to you right now. Do not be afraid to surrender what you cannot keep on this earth to gain what you cannot lose in heaven (Matthew 19:29-30).

Learn from your failures but do not be content with failure. A successful person is someone who understands how to keep their enthusiasm in Christ through an onslaught of difficult experiences.

Testing is a part of God’s plan. If you want to determine the value of a man place him under extreme pressure and observe how he reacts. God does not make any errors when directing your life. The right place will often seem like the wrong place when God is getting ready to move in your life and expand your faith in Him.

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