Another week has gone by! The Kid is currently on Fall Break after finishing up his 9 weeks tests. I don’t remember getting a “Fall Break” when I was in school…but that was 20 years ago. Things were A LOT different back then!

What do you have on tap for this weekend? We’re planning to finish up our “Getting Crafty…” projects and hoping take the bull terriers for a walk downtown since the weather is supposed to be nice. It should be a nice, relaxing weekend in our house!

Here is a list of my Favorite things from this week…

Favorite Fashion:
I love hats…especially fedoras and floppy hats. However, with my rather large head plus huge, curly hair, those kinds of hats never seem to fit or look right on me. I’m really loving this hat from Target…
I may have to head out to Target this weekend and try it on! I’m not really sure where I would wear a hat like that, though. Hmmm…

Favorite Song:
The Christian rock band Skillet has been around for nearly 20 years and their music never gets old. Here’s a look at their latest song called “What I Believe” off their most recent album “Rise”…

If you like a heavier rock sound, but have never really listened to Christian music, I highly recommend Skillet! I’d love to see them in concert. Click HERE to check out their website to hear more music and see if they’re playing in your area.

Favorite Instagram:
As I’ve mentioned before, we’re not big Halloween celebrators…but, if I was, I would do this…
I love this nail salon and have been several times since we moved here. The atmosphere is luxurious and the nail techs are highly talented! Click HERE to follow Polished on Instagram.

Favorite Pin:
If I were to get my nails done for the fall season, I would probably try one of these I found on Pinterest…
I’m sure the techs at Polished can recreate those! I just may do it and post pictures afterwards! Click HERE to check out all the fun, creative designs.

Favorite Recipe:
This one I cooked up for the family earlier this week…
Italian Chicken Pasta
I’ve gotten lots of hits on Facebook on this one! It’s so delicious and extremely easy to make!  The Kid has already requested I make it again soon! Click HERE for the complete recipe.

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