This weather was beautiful this weekend in OKC!  We took the bullies down to Bricktown for a nice walk, then cleaned out our front flower beds.  Last summer we planted sweet potato vines, which were beautiful!  But, when we attempted to pull them up Saturday, this is what we found… imageGiant brains!!  I never in a million years thought a ground cover plant like this would actually produce a sweet potato! We dug up several!  It was absolutely hilarious!  We’ve decided to fill our flower beds with rocks this season…hopefully that will prevent the grass and weeds from invading!

I got a FitBit Charge for Christmas and here’s how Saturday looked by the end of the day…imageI’m pretty proud of myself!  Sunday didn’t fare nearly as well.  I barely walked 5,000 steps!  I even went to Wal-Mart!  I really need to take some longer walks/jogs…the Little Rock Half Marathon is only a few weeks away!

I did this on Sunday…imageI can’t remember the last time I painted my nails!  I don’t do it very often because it always seems to ruin my nails!  I really like how they turned out this time.  The gray is “Concrete Catwalk” from OPI.  The accent nail is a combination of a couple different colors/brands.  I can’t exactly remember their names.

The Hubs cooked this last night…imageIt’s Italian Chicken Stir Fry and one of The Kid’s favorites.  We make it frequently…click HERE for the recipe.

I still can’t believe how gorgeous it was this weekend!  It was perfect to spend time outdoors…imageI’m hoping its a sign of good things to come!!