It seems like forever since I’ve done a Friday Favorites. Of course, until this week, it’s been a month since I’ve posted anything on here! It’s so easy to get out of the habit!

Anyway…here are 5 of my favorite things from this week…

Favorite Fashion:
Around the holidays, I went to Payless looking for black booties. While there, I saw these and just had to try them on…
I’ve debating purchasing them for several weeks now… I don’t know when/where or even if I’ll ever wear them… but, they were on sale and I had a coupon! So, I bought them! They arrived yesterday and they are just as beautiful in person! Hopefully I have somewhere to wear them… Click HERE to get some for yourself! (If they’re still available)

Favorite Product:
I love a good nighttime moisturizer, but I’m not willing to fork over hundreds of dollars for the over-priced fancy kind. I found this at Walgreens a while back and it’s wonderful…
It’s so creamy and smooth and feels like silk on my skin. I could wear it during the day as well, but my skin gets oily and that’s just too much grease on my face. Click HERE to see it on Walgreens’ website. What’s your favorite drug store moisturizer?

Favorite Instagram:
This one from therealwacha…
Click HERE to follow Andy Cohen from Bravo’s precious pup on Instagram! He’s hilarious!

Favorite Pin:
I’m getting my hair done next week and since I’ve been wearing my naturally curly hair straight lately, I thought I’d try long bangs…like these…
I love the idea of bangs, but just as soon as I cut them, I regret it…or they look funny when I wear my hair curly. So, I’m hoping a longer style will work better for me. What do you think? Click HERE to see this on Pinterest.

Favorite Recipe:
This one I created earlier this week.
Crock Pot Sweet Chili
I’m not going to win any chili cook-off awards, but this is so deliciously sweet! Click HERE for the recipe.

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