As I’m preparing for my 5th Little Rock Half Marathon (6th half marathon overall), that will take place in just 31 days (wait… what?!??! I’M SOOOO NOT READY!), I’m trying to decide if I want to listen to music for 13.1 miles as usual or listen to an audio book? I typically enjoy listening to talk radio if I’m in the car driving for long distances by myself, because it seems to make the miles go by faster… you’d think it would do the same for long distances by myself, on foot, right?

If I choose the audio book option, what book should I listen to?

There’s always this tried and true novel…
Pride & Prejudice
This is my absolute favorite book and movie. I could listen to it/read it a million times and not get tired of it.

Or, there’s this one that I haven’t read…
I really want to see the movie!! Is it good? I figured it would be inspirational while I’m trudging along the race course. Opinions, anyone?

Or, maybe this one…
I absolutely love Tina Fey! I figure this one will have me LOLing the entire time! She is one of my favorite comediennes, next to Jeanne Robertson and Kathleen Madigan.

I want something that will hold my attention for 13.1 miles. Something that will make me laugh and think and not focus on pounding the pavement.

Any recommendations for a great read, or in this case, listen? Runners…do you like listening to audio books on long runs? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!