It’s so hard to believe…tomorrow is the last day of January! This month has gone by so fast…

Every year for Christmas, my mother purchases my sister and me a piece of jewelry from our favorite hometown jewelry store. This past Christmas was no exception. She gifted me with this fabulous creation from Ronaldo Designer Jewelry…
It’s called the “Katbird Bracelet”. It was named for one of the Ronaldo staff member’s pet name for his wife, who he affectionately called “Katbird”. The website’s description of this particular piece states: “The old saying “sitting in the catbird seat” means you’re “sitting pretty” or in an “enviable position.” Each bracelet has a special meaning and all are so beautiful and intricate. Check out the Ronaldo Designer Jewelry website by clicking HERE.

I love this hair product I got as a free gift/sample with purchase from Ulta several months ago and am just now trying…
I love it because it makes my naturally curly hair easier to straighten. I spritz it on after I towel dry my hair and comb it through. I blow dry and flat iron and my hair is smooth and soft and not frizzy! When I use it, it only takes me an hour to straighten my hair instead of nearly 2! Click HERE to purchase “It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in plus Keratin” through Ulta.

This one from Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s show “Fixer Upper”…
Look at that light! How amazing! If you’ve never seen “Fixer Upper”, please check it out. The hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines, are absolutely hilarious! I would love to have them renovate a house for us…her style is unbelievable! Click HERE to visit Joanna on Instagram and check out her amazing ideas.

This one from Skinny Mom…
Let’s get together, ladies and rock our abs! We can handle anything for 2 weeks, right? Click HERE to see the pin. Be sure and look around their website, it’s awesome and full of great information on getting healthy! And, the recipes look delicious!

Speaking of delicious… I made this earlier this week…
Pork Chops
Click HERE for the Italian Pork Chop recipe… don’t forget to click HERE to find out how to make the scalloped potatoes!

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