Proofreading/Copy Editing Services…

I confess, I read 50+ blog posts a day. I follow so many great people on Bloglovin’, it’s almost embarrassing. Another embarrassing thing… there’s quite a few bloggers who have less than perfect grammar skills…or maybe its a malfunctioning Spellchecker option! That annoys me so much. It’s such a huge pet peeve of mine to be reading a super creative, interesting, supposedly well-written post and then hit the brick wall that is a grammatical error. I can’t read any more after that! Sometimes the error is so simple as leaving an “s” off an obviously plural word or a typo.

I’m sure blog “oopsies” are byproducts of being in a hurry, being distracted, a faulty spellchecker or something else…we all make mistakes and I’m certainly not trying to bash someone’s talent or writing skills. I’m a million times guilty of my fingers typing faster than my brain thinks, I’m just really anal about my words and phrases being written correctly. I’m sure if you look back through my archives, you’ll find numerous, if not hundreds of errors… I can’t look back or I’ll want to correct them all and that would make me insane!

If you’re worried you’re one of “those” bloggers, I can help. My degree is in journalism and I love all things grammar. I spent nearly 10 years as a television/radio news producer and have always caught grammar errors in writings… they just jump out at me with red flags and flashing lights! I have partially edited a book manuscript and I would love to do more, including daily blog posts.

If you would like me to proofread your post before you post it (I promise I won’t change the actual content, just look for grammatical errors and typos), just shoot me an email at for more information or how to get started.

I also proofread/copy edit manuscripts and pre-published novels, as well as any type of presentation or publication.